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When We Shoot Lyrics By Lil Durk


Song : When We Shoot
Artist : Lil Durk
Singers –  Durk Banks / Joshua Samuels
American rapper, singer, Hip hop recording artist, and Songwriter Durk Derrick Banks aka Lil Durk.the founder and lead member of a record label, only the family. Is back with another smashing hit, When we shoot. after releasing his fifth album, Just cause y'all waited 2 on May 8, 2020, and a deluxe edition of the album was released on June 26, 2020, with seven additional tracks.his single, 3 headed goat featuring Lil Baby and Polo G from the album debuted at number five of billboard 200 and climbing to number two of billboard 200 after the release of the deluxe album.
He has a total of four studio albums, twelve mixtapes, two compilation albums, and two singles.

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When We Shoot English Lyrics


(Turn Me Up Josh)
(Young Cutta run it up)

[Verse 1]

I be with demons, and yeah, I admit it
Get too high, got to flush my kidneys
Niggas be hoes, gotta mind my business
Call from the feds, they'll run up your minutes
Watch these hoes, they'll do it for image
Fuck four hoes, tryna turn me to stripper
I don't trust niggas, so I ride with my nickel
Crushed up faces, bustdown emerald
Can't trust twice 'cause it ain't simple
Ten toes down, I'll ride for my niggas
When you ride through the 'Raq, gotta look at it through mirrors
He got caught 'cause I know he didn't
You know damn well you can't duck them switches
You gotta shoot for it 'cause that bitch be glitchy
I miss my dawg, gotta stay out my feelings
Miss my dawg, gotta stay out my, yeah
Love my block and I love my city, we call hoes eats
Wake up late with 'bout 50K, better brush your teeth
I'ma say no when the nigga ask, I know he a leech
Contract with the label, bitch, I'm able, I'm signed to the streets
We ain't no goofies and I told Doody them pills be havin' me nervous
Nigga had shot my brother, when it come to the money, my shawty be constantly purgin'
Fuck my opps, we on his ass, catch 'em, blast, nobody nervous
We on his ass, ain't no pass, foenem do him dirty
I'm with the killers and I be comfortable 'round them gangsters
I'm with the robbers and I be comfortable 'round them gangsters
I give him a thirty, he pop out the car, he gettin' too anxious
Won't give him no X when he got his gat 'cause shorty too dangerous


And you can't run when we shoot
You can't run when we shoot
You can't run when we shoot
And you can't run when we shoot

[Verse 2]

You better not slip, you better not trip
Come out the cut and blick
Them hoes left quick when I wasn't lit
Now them hoes be on my dick
I'm from the Lam', fuck 63rd, but that don't go for hip
I'ma get that Lam' truck blue for sixty days, that shit for Nip
And I don't even cheat on my bitch
Them bitches be tweetin' like, "Lil Durk be cheatin'," like bitches don't be on my dick
Why you be sneakin' and dissin' and pillowin'-talkin' when you with a bitch?
It be the niggas I used to call brother, I call 'em and tell 'em, "Let's get it"
Better ride with your blick, yeah


And you can't run when we shoot
You can't run when we shoot
You can't run when we shoot
And you can't run when we shoot
And you can't run when we shoot

You can't run when we shoot
You can't run when we shoot
And you can't run when we shoot

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