Sine From Above By Lady Gaga and Elton John

Sine From Above By Lady Gaga and Elton John, Lyrics & Karaoke, Song Review

Sine From Above By Lady Gaga and Elton John


Sine From Above By Lady Gaga and Elton John
"Sine From Above" is a track by Lady Gaga from her sixth studio album, Chromatica. The music features English singer Elton John. The song was written by Gaga, 

Michael Tucker, Elton John, Axel Hedfors, Johannes Klahr, Rami Yacoub, Richard Zastenker, Ryan Tedder, Sebastian Ingrosso, Benjamin Rice, Vincent Ponte, and Salem Al Fakir, and produced by BloodPop®, Burns, Axwell, Johannes Klahr, and Liohn.

"Sine from Above" marks the second studio based mostly on a collaboration between Gaga and John, following their duet "Hello Hello" in the 2011 animated movie Gnomeo & Juliet. The duo additionally carried out collectively on quite a few events, together with the 2010 Grammy Awards, the place they carried out Gaga's "Poker Face" and a medley of Gaga's "Speechless" and John's "Your Song".

Sine From Above By Lady Gaga and Elton John
This angelic dance-floor ballad introduces the third and ultimate act of Chromatica. The song marks the second collaboration between Sir Elton John and Lady Gaga.

In this song, Lady Gaga talks about her songwriting course. She reveals that “Sound” is her God and it's the motive for all her creative revelations.

Sine From Above By Lady Gaga and Elton John
In an interview with Beats 1's Zane Lowe, Gaga talked about her work with John on the track. She described him as her “mentor” and defined how he performed a big position in her highway to restoration: "Elton's always really challenged me to take care of my artistry and to take care of myself. And I honor that about him. He's so, so uniquely special. And I cannot tell you how instrumental in my life he’s been to showing me that you can go all the way in life and… be authentic and be you and do good things in the world and take care of yourself and be there." Producer Axwell later talked about how the track took place in an interview for Rolling Stone, stating: "I had this old track we worked on, like, seven years in the past with Elton John. We tried working on it and we couldn’t get it the place we wanted it. It was additionally a kind of hard to get ahold of Elton John. I had this on my pc and was like, 'Wait a minute. Lady Gaga and Elton John are buddies.'" Axwell then sent the demo to Gaga and co-producer BloodPop who loved the song and determined to record it for Chromatica as a collaboration with John.

Lady Gaga and Elton John are close buddies for many years and so they have given many performances collectively including "Poker Face / Speechless / Your Song" performance on Grammys 2010. Besides, they had unreleased collaborations similar to "Hello Hello" meant for Gnomeo & Juliet soundtrack, and "Room in my Heart" meant for Joanne. "Sine From Above" marks first Gaga and Elton released collaboration.

After the launch of Chromatica tracklisting, a lot of Gaga collaborators reposted it with a description saying what track they contributed in. Two writers of the track, Johannes Klahr and Liohn acknowledged that they co-wrote "Sine From Above".
"Sine from Above" is an electronica-influenced electropop song. Lyrically, the track talks concerning the therapeutic energy of music over trance synths and features a drum n' bass breakdown at the end of the track.

Gaga defined the wordplay within the title as a reference to how music was an escape for her when she was in pain, saying, "S-I-N-E, because it's a sound wave."

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