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Funky New Year Lyrics by Eagles. Singer Don Henley, Get Scale, Tempo and other information of the song.
Funky New Year Lyrics by Eagles. Singer Don Henley



-- INTRO --

-- VERSE 1 --

Went to a party just last night
Wanted to bring the year in right
Woke up this morning, I don't know how
Last night I was a happy man, but the way I feel right now

-- CHORUS --

It's going to be a funky new year
Funky new year
Ooh, Ahh, got to be a funky new year
Funky new year

-- VERSE 2 --

Can't remember when I ever felt worse
Nothing matters and everything hurts
They were passing round the bottle, made me feel brand new
Trouble with the new man he wants a hit too, hit me

-- CHORUS --

-- BRIDGE --

Lord, mmh, funky new year
Nurse I'm worse, funky new year
I got to perk up a little, funky new year
My hair hurts, funky new year

-- CHORUS --

-- OUTRO --

A party baby
Never again, funky new year
Funky new year
Who's shoes are these? Funky new year
Funky new year
Party hardy baby, funky new year
Funky new year
What year is this anyway?


"Funky New Year" is released in 1978. Enjoy this New Year singing "Funky New Year" with the one and only "Eagles". 
wishing you all a Very Happy New Year.

 Song Credits

    Song name - Funky New Year
    Singer - Don Henley
    Artist - Eagles
    Producer - Bill Szymczyk
    Album - Please Come Home for Christmas / Funky New Year (Single)
    Lyrics – Glenn Frey and Don Henley
    Backing Vocals – Glenn Frey and Joe Walsh

Scale and Tempo

    Scale :  F# Minor
    Tempo : 91 BPM
    Camelot : 11A

-- "Thanks for Reading" --

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