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Revenge Lyrics and Karaoke by Joyner Lucas. Get Scale, Tempo and Other Information about the song.
Revenge Lyrics and Karaoke by Joyner Lucas



-- INTRO --

The more that I want, the more that I grind
The more that I shine, the more that I stride
The more that I stunt, the more that I cheat
The more that she leaves, the more that she cry
The harder to trust, the more that I lie
The more that she die, the more I realize
The more that I, the more that I (Yeah, yeah)

-- VERSE 1 --

The more that I try, the more that I want
More that I grind, the more that I shine
The more that I stride, the more that I stunt
The more that I cheat, the more that she leave
The more that she cry, the harder to trust
The more that I lie, the more that she dies
The more I realize I'm harder to love
I’m harder to, I'm harder to teach
My heart is a beat and I am the drum
I'm harder to keep, but harder to sleep
I’m scared of the dark, I'm not gonna run
I'm harder to break, but harder to make
You get in my way, I'm drawing my gun
I'm not gonna play, I'm not for the games
I'm not gonna change, put that on my son
Put that on my mom, put that on my sis
Put that on my bitch and all of my hoes
Put that on my team, put that on my G's
I say what I mean, you already know
Put that on my city, put that on my Bentley
I got me a Bimmer, I wanted a Rolls
Sip on some Henny and ride with the semi
All my niggas with me, I’m calling a toast (Blah, blah, blah)
Callin’ the plug, you callin' the cops
I call you a snitch, you holdin’ a grudge
You callin' the judge, you say you a thug
I call you a bitch, I call you a ho
Don't call me your bro, don't call me no more, I call you a trick
I’m tired of the hate, I'm tired of the snakes
I'm tired of your face, you all on my dick
I wanted the fame, I wanted the name
I wanted a break, I wanted the love
I wanted the cake, I wanna be great
I wanted to change and all the above
You want me to fall, you want me to crawl
You want me to stall, they want me on drugs
You want me to fail, they want me in jail
They wantin' my soul, they wantin' my blood
I'm out for revenge, I'm out for the ends
I'm out for respect, I'm out for the crown
I'm out for the reign, they startin' to aim
I hopped in a plane, I'm not going down
I'm dodging the flames, they callin' my name
I wanna be saved but I don't know how
I thought it was safe, but I got a plan
Let's load up the chopper and ride it around, woo

-- CHORUS --

I roll up on 'em while he sleep (Hey), you gon' see
It's a fuckin' murder spree (Brrat, bah), you gon' see
Won't nobody say a peep (Bah, bah), you gon' see
Don't you turn your back on me (Brrat, bah), you gon' see
Roll up on 'em while he sleep (Doo), catch a nigga slippin'
I might hit him with the (Bah, bah-bah, bah-bah), they gon' miss him
'Cause revenge feels sweet (Woo), you gon' see
Won't nobody say a peep (Bah, bah), you gon' see

-- VERSE 2 --

Give me a pen
I don't even drink, but fuck it, I need some Henny and gin
Plenty of sins
I broke my bitch's heart, she'll never forgive me again
Where have you been?
I had to go find myself, I killed and buried my friends
I never could swim
I used to push some weight with niggas who been in the gym
Come step in my Timbs
You could not walk my path
I never caught my cabs, I had to walk
Niggas was lost and sad, I never would call my dad
Fuck that nigga
I was depressed as fuck, mentally torn in half
Feelin' stuck
When it was hard to laugh, the music was all I had
Wish I could be out
I never got any clout, what's all the plottin' about?
They drownin' me out
Everyone countin' me out, nobody try to reach out
You proud of me now?
Niggas'll flip the script, I cannot live to quit
I don't wanna chill, I don't wanna get no flicks
Don't wanna rekindle shit
It's N-O-T, don't you flex on me
I do not get no sleep
I'm barely up, hope you ante up
Word to M.O.P., you don't know me
I need my revenge, it ain't no more peace
I'm rollin' deep and I'm finna turn your block up into World War III, woah



"Revenge" is released in 2020. The lyrics of the song is written by Boi-1da, Jahaan Sweet, DRTWRK, Sonorous and Joyner Lucas. The song is from Album ADHD.
Rap "Revenge" Lyrics & Karaoke or Instrumental, which you can find below.
Song Credits

    Song name - Revenge
    Artist - Joyner Lucas
    Production – Sonorous, DRTWRK, Jahaan Sweet and Boi-1da
    Lyrics - Boi-1da, Jahaan Sweet, DRTWRK, Sonorous and Joyner Lucas
    Label - Twenty Nine Music Group
    Released – 3rd, February, 2020
Scale and Tempo

    Scale : E Minor
    Tempo : 158 BPM
    Camelot : 9A

-- "Thanks for Reading" --

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