2021 XXL Freshman Cypher song lyrics by Coi Leray, Lakeyah, Morray and DDG



-- INTRO --


HA-HA-HA-HA, Nick, you're stupid


 -- VERSE 1 ( DDG ) --


Whole lotta of my old homies didn't make it here

Gotta stay strapped and be ready if we take it there

Life's short, but this clip is longer than Jamaican hair

Never have I claimed to be a gangster but it's safer here

Put this pistol in my hand, I'm protectin' all these bands

They be fuckin' up the brand when I lend a helpin' hand

So I gotta be alone, make the money on my own

If it's smoke then meet me man to man, nigga fuck it's on

How we livе in luxury, that shit just a summary

In the line of fire, trust my brothеr he gon' cover me

Internet trolls and the critics really under me

Had to realize they only poppin' just because of me, they stressin' me

But my bitch she trippin', she be testin' me

I don't know that bitch, it ain't my fault that she be textin' me

Why you just can't cook, give me kiss, then have sex with me?

Then you get upset when I'm annoyed and give you less of me, fuck

I don't know, what the fuck that I'ma do with you

I know you stabbed me in my back, but I'm still cool with you

'Cause when it comin' to the racks, they don't know who is who

Niggas switch up for the dollars

I be tryin' to be positive with the drama

It be constantly following, on my momma

But I guess it's the side effects of the commas, gang


 -- VERSE 2 ( LAKEYAH ) --


It's Lakeyah, the biggest flexer, YBIC

I'm different from all these niggas, ask Coach, ask P

I got the top niggas vouchin' for a bitch like me

I touched the shit I get for bookings way before QC

I'm feeling like I can't be fucked with, I don't mean to be cocky

But the competition ain't switchin' up the flows or the topics

Chrome Hearts all on my body, bless my hoes then I profit

All them bitches countin' my pockets, so drop a deposit

I'm fly as a pilot, new season Dior, Fendi, and Prada

How the fuck she a freshman when she dropped outta college?

And how the fuck she goes so hard when she look like a model?

Buy a bitch like, legally I can't even buy me a bottle, they know I'm a problem

Got these bitches out here tryna step it up

Couple hatin' bitches hatin' on me since I leveled up

Catchin' more G's than them Z's, bitch, I ran it up

Leave a broke nigga to the streets, he can never fuck

Yeah, so all these bitches is in trouble now

My name hold weight around this bitch, I'm like a hundred pounds

Chain cost a hundred thou', blicky let off a hundred rounds

Let the bag talk, ain't gotta tell 'em how I'm comin' out, yeah





Fuckin' fire



 -- VERSE 3 ( MORRAY ) --



I said I had somethin' written, but fuck it, nigga, I ain't gon' say it

The gun in my hip, I swear to God I show it, I spray it

You niggas better believe what the fuck a nigga sayin'

In the buildin' with all these great niggas, bitch, it's amazing

Bitch, XXL, I don't think them niggas ready

The bars that regard and these flows, that's super heavy

Got Coi Leray, DDG and my homie here

She came up, showed y'all niggas, but them bars is real, nigga, ain't no fear

Fuckin' NC stand up, nigga 2-6, man we the greatest

You niggas say "Who is the best?" Bitch, it's me, ain't no debatin'

Fuck it, don't gotta write it, fuck it, I'd rather spit it

Niggas talkin' 'bout toilet bowls, bitch, I'm shitting [Bruh]

Like whoa, what you mean you want the dough?

And you niggas talkin' bullshit but I'm the one with the flows

Off the top, bitch, this shit is hot, who the fuck you niggas know?

If I come outside the strip club, then I'm comin' with the poles



 -- VERSE 4 ( COI LERAY ) --


C-O-I, love it when he say my name, yeah

Low-key, that's my little sneaky link, aye!!

Yeah, I love when he fuck me to the beat, aye!!

He a freak, fell in love with me, let's go

Watch us all get lit, aye!!

Watch us all get richer, aye!!

Couple niggas move bricks, uh

Couple niggas hold sticks, aye!!

Bitch, I love my brother

My brother love me, aye!!, bih

Cut my wrist, aye!!

Diamonds sea, yeah




Mmh, aye!!, we all get money

Yeah-yeah [Mmh], yeah, bitch, we all get money [Mmh]

Yeah-yeah, we all get money [We all get money]

Yeah-yeah, yeah, bitch, we all get money, let's go, aye!!

Ha, we all get money, shake it, Coi

We all get money, shake it, Coi, yeah


 -- OUTRO ( MORRAY ) --


XXL, we in this, ha

Aye, DDG, we did this

Lakeyah, yeah, we did it




"2021 XXL Freshman Cypher" is the hot new release from Coi Leray, Lakeyah, Morray & DDG, which is released on July 13, 2021.  One of its best in Hip-Hop Genre. The song music production, recording & mixed by John Luther & Nick Mira. Song lyrics is written by Coi Leray, Lakeyah, Morray & DDG.

 Song Credits

 Song - 2021 XXL Freshman Cypher
Artist - Coi Leray, Lakeyah, Morray & DDG
Production - John Luther & Nick Mira
Album - XXL Freshmen Cyphers 
Written By - Coi Leray, Lakeyah, Morray & DDG
Cypher beat produced - Nick Mira and John Luther 
Direction - Travis Satten 
Released - RiTE Media Group 
Release Date - July 13, 2021

Scale and Tempo

    Scale : G minor
    Tempo : 94
    Camelot : 6A
-- "Thanks for Reading" --
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